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d-did I do it…? did I finally draw rocky pretty like he actually is???

i hope I did orz

King of The Court

started off as a little background practice and whOOPs

I love Clear so much you don’t understand

a pair of embarrassed boyfriends volleyball players

I need to stop making so many ocs

an assortment of random ass doodles ranging from a askblogs, ocs, and a random tree

Dmmd Sticker Sheet and Buttons

-purchase on my Etsy 

-stickers roughly 3 inches tall 

-2 inch buttons 

-individuals and fullsets available 

-characters available: Aoba, Clear, Noiz, Virus and Trip, and Koujaku

★ Any questions just message me or send me an email mintvanillacoffeeshop@gmail.com 

I don’t -
just take this One doodle

wowwy I love this game so much

gay shark baby 

EDIT: now with flower crowns 

(quietly misses my hetalia days)

I fucking love cats 


I love kaneki

I just 


I got 100 followers on my artblog !! 

I got 100 followers on my artblog !!