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Barista Mark at your service

I really hate backgrounds uughhhghh

sloooowly starting to draw different things again bless

boy why you so pretty 

lost my tablet for a bit and I felt like drawing something quick

prayer circle that one day I’ll be able to draw this boy as pretty as he really is

but today is not that day

took a lot of will power not to make em shirtless

13 year old me decided to put him in stripper heels

16 year old me was contemplating on keeping them

 follow for more gayass art  

life ruiner 

All of Sven’s sidebars! And also a little comparison of my art from the last year and a half.  

I have so many children that I forget a few of them HAHAHhaah..ha 


Omg why did you made sheep so fat??


sketchdump time again! this time consisting of a bunch of thornville cuties- huh 

I really needed a new icon lol

-sparkle sparkle-