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A few months ago my dad passed away, and my mom (my super amazing fucking mom), who was injured in a car accident messing up part of her spine, was forced to start working again. She’s been working for minimum wage for several months now to pay off all the bills and the house that my dad left us.

Seeing her walk into the house after hours of overtime and hearing her cry from the stress and pain and still cook me a meal even when I tell her to rest already, and her telling me “no no it’s important for you to eat good, it will help your anxiety and depression” is just.. Since she was young, she’s always wanted to be an artist and have a nice singing voice, but she’s since she wasn’t on the richer side in the Philippines, she didn’t even finish highschool and had to take care of her family instead.

Now, I was a lot more fortunate, being born with artistic and musical talent. But, I also ended up getting severe anxiety and depression around middle school and early highschool. She tried to make me a performer but I just couldn’t do it. She never knew I could draw, I would hide my drawings from her, but when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I finally showed her what I could do. And now it’s been over a year since then, and I want to show my her that I’m better now, mentally and physically. That I can do things now and that she doesn’t have to worry about me anymore.

tl;dr - I just want to show my mom that I’m okay. I’m okay, and she can relax and not stress herself while having to deal with the loss of my dad. And also, give her a little pocket money so she can save up for that paint set she’s always wanted.

  • Chibi [$5]
  • Grayscale Sketch [$1]
  • Colored Sketch [$2]
  • Busts [$5]
  • Fullbody [$10]
  • Additional Character [+$.50]
  • Background [$2]

Please email me if you want to commission me or have any questions, messages and fanmails usually don’t go through for my tumblr. You can also send me a note on my DeviantART as well!

Paypal and Contact Email: mintvanillacoffeeshop@gmail.com

d-did I do it…? did I finally draw rocky pretty like he actually is???

i hope I did orz

King of The Court

started off as a little background practice and whOOPs

I love Clear so much you don’t understand

a pair of embarrassed boyfriends volleyball players

I need to stop making so many ocs

an assortment of random ass doodles ranging from a askblogs, ocs, and a random tree

Dmmd Sticker Sheet and Buttons

-purchase on my Etsy 

-stickers roughly 3 inches tall 

-2 inch buttons 

-individuals and fullsets available 

-characters available: Aoba, Clear, Noiz, Virus and Trip, and Koujaku

★ Any questions just message me or send me an email mintvanillacoffeeshop@gmail.com 

I don’t -
just take this One doodle

wowwy I love this game so much

gay shark baby 

EDIT: now with flower crowns 

(quietly misses my hetalia days)

I fucking love cats 


I love kaneki

I just